René Moore

René Moore

Employee Experience Consultant, Human Resources Culture Transformer

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René was the first in her family to attend a four-year college. At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she fell  in love with Human Resources.

After graduation with a Bachelors in Business, she landed a job with a small woman-owned company. There she learned firsthand how to create a team culture and environment that fosters loyalty, growth, and employee engagement.

After several years, the company was sold to a private equity firm and the high-spirited, appreciative culture quickly began to shift. The original leadership, acknowledged milestones, achievements, and successful initiatives by celebrating those accomplishments and the people who worked to produce them. Under the new leadership, the inclusive and engaging culture disappeared. Employees were left in the dark, celebrations were replaced with PowerPoints and memos, and profits and procedures were championed over people.

When René and other team members experienced career humiliations from gratuitous policies and formalities, René decided it was time for a change. She made it her mission to help business owners understand that profits over people hinders success. When employers and employees are at odds, everyone suffers as does the bottom line. She became an advocate for modern workplaces where internal cultures are transformed so that loyalty, productivity, and connectivity propel earnings beyond expectation.

Now René manages a team of employee experience specialists at a leading Human Resources Consultancy. She speaks around the country about the future of HR and people management. Through her work and speaking engagements, she helps employees who hate their jobs and employers who want to see better financial results find common ground in transformed, innovative, workplaces.

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Transforming workplaces into environments where employees love to work.
Reshaping the way employers and employees relate and create together.

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