Nataki Kambon

Nataki Kambon

Entrepreneur, Small Business Growth Acceleration Management Consultant, Speaker, Vegan health advocate, TV Personality

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Nataki Kambon is an outspoken entrepreneur, media personality, and community activist passionate about creating social change through economics.

Professionally, Nataki Kambon helps entrepreneurs launch, operate, and scale companies as a small business management consultant. Her firm specializes in helping solopreneurs and entrepreneurs scale to the enterprise level through comprehensive marketing, management, and accounting for sustainable operations.

Nu Business Solutions, was initially conceived to help grow Black-owned (Nubian) businesses, though most of the company’s clients are not Black. Through her 15+ year tenure as a consultant, Nataki has had the opportunity to help a range of clients from commercial contractors, retailers, medical facilities, professionals, and even rocket scientists.

Personally, Nataki gives back to the community through activism. She is active and vocal on a range of issues facing the Black community. She is a passionate public speaker on topics including community organizing, small business best practice, and Black economic empowerment.

As a lifelong health-conscious vegan/vegetarian who has never tasted meat; she is outspoken about diet and health in the Black community, engages as an organizer and speaker and amateur vegan chef at local and national health events. She is also passionate about environmental justice and sustainability. Since 2001 she has been an active representative of several cultural and empowerment organizations.

In 2014, Nataki was appointed as the spokesperson for the Let’s Buy Black 365 Black Economic Empowerment Movement taglined, where change makes sense. Since then, she has been an invited guest on dozens of radio programs, national conferences, and closed-door sessions around economic development. She is also the strategic partnerships liaison.  She lives the mission in that 98% of the companies she uses are 100% Black-owned and operated.

It is her personal mission within the LetsBuyBlack365 movement to, “shift the self-esteem of every individual so he or she can recognize that they are not powerless. In their hands, they hold the power to change the condition of Black people throughout the Diaspora just by changing how he or she spends his or her money.”

In 2018, Nataki became the host of Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365, the live-streamed Black culture and lifestyle show that popularizes Black revolutionary thought. Connect TV broadcasts on and simulcasts on three Black-owned media networks.

Her brother Dr. Obadele Kambon received citizenship in 2016 and spearheads Repatriate to Ghana and other initiatives to help others move to Ghana.

In 2019 Nataki became a member of Repatriate to Ghana. Through the affiliation, she became one of the 126 Black people from the Diaspora who were granted dual citizenship in Ghana by President Nana Akufo-Addo in a historic swearing historic ceremony held at the Jubilee House Presidential Palace.  Nataki’s mother, Dr. Mawiyah Kambon, father, Dr. Kamau Kambon, and sister-in-law Kala Kambon, all outspoken community leaders, also got citizenship.

Since then Nataki continues to inspire entrepreneurs through her “beyond advising” model. She leads a global executive team that simultaneously implements all the marketing, accounting, human resources, management, and operations needed to get companies to profitably and operational efficiency in just three to six months.

In her words “I believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world because they innovate to make our lives better, they create the jobs that allow billions to provide for their families, and they can use their profits & resources to positively influence what kind of world we live in. I became a management consultant to help transform conscientious Black business owners into the community-building entrepreneurial leaders our people need for Black economic empowerment and self-determination. Let’s have a conversation about how together we can help you change the world.”

Through Paragon Leaders, Nataki is available for workshops, corporate offsites, keynote addresses, organizing, and planning session facilitation.

Nataki’s first book is coming out on balancing priorities, profits, and principles.

Though she mainly works with large national brands, she also works with smaller companies as part of her community to give back.

She serves on several boards and operates an NGO in the sustainable business development space.

The NGO focuses on youth empowerment and employment through social change.

In the same vein, Nataki Kambon co-owns a vegan homestyle meal service with her niece, Kid Chef Ama Kambon, who lives in Accra, Ghana. does gourmet vegan foods that showcase how delectable vegan food can be.

Together they do a lot of food activism and vegan advocacy around healthy diet and nutrition.

The duo often does broadcast interviews on major television and radio networks and free events to help people make dietary and lifestyle changes. They also have a cooking show debuting in 2023.

Ama’s venture is one of the ventures nurtured through Nataki’s NGO.

” The gig economy and freelance model is taking our youth’s potential and our economies. You can’t build individual wealth, communities, or generational wealth on solopreneurships. So I created pathways where people can sustain themselves and build their communities through bonified entrepreneurship and employment.” Nataki’s quote exemplifies her passion for ensuring young people have tangible pathways to real empowerment.

Famous For

  • Radio Show Co-host
  • Black Sustainability Summit Presenter
  • Black economic empowerment advocate
  • Let’s Buy Black 365 spokesperson
  • Connect TV personality/host
  • State of the Black World Conference 2016 Economics Plenary Organizer
  • Lifelong vegetarian and vegan health advocate


Often associated with

  • Kobi Kambon (no relation), Maggie Anderson, Dr. Claud Anderson

Original Quotes

  • Black self-empowerment mantra: I am the solution. I am the resource my people needs. I am the Let’s Buy Black 365 movement.
  • If you wait until you need something, want something, or have something you want someone to buy from you to start building relationships and showing up in people’s lives, you’ll always wonder why people are not showing up for you.
  • Intuition and self-determination are the best weapons against people who plow over your needs for their own agenda. It’s not rude to stand up for yourself, voice your needs, and shut shit down if your needs are being ignored. To do any less is self-destructive. 
  • At the heart of every issue in the Black community, there is an economic undercurrent.
  • Buying Black isn’t where it ends. Buying Black is where it starts. 
  • Not wanting to start over is a mentally and spiritually unhealthy reason to stay in a relationship.  

  • Not all offers to contribute should be weighted the same. Some people offer to help out of a genuine desire and rationale “I want to be a part of creating the solution”
  • Life is about the never-ending perpetual pursuit of goals and self-improvement. One should feel proud of the significant steps made in advancing towards the goal. If you wait till you reach the unattainable finish line to feel proud or fulfilled, you never will.
  • Some people offer to help out of a rationale “I want to integrate myself so much that you need me, I can take credit, and you WILL feel the pain if I’m gone.”
  • Learn to spot the difference between the intentions.