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Endorsed Public Speaking ProfilePremium ProfilePremium ProfileStandard Profile
Public Relations Media KitDeluxe Public Relations Media KitStandard Media KitMedia One-Sheeter
Commercially Produced Promo Video90-second Promo Video30-second Promo Video10-second Promo Video
Inspiring Action & Social Change CoachingPublic Speaking Coaching
Public Speaking Coaching
Creating Demand: How to turn one speaking engagement into manyCreating Demand Coaching
Creating Demand Coaching
Speaker Fee NegotiationFree for first engagement then 10%20%30%
Free Standing Vanity WebsiteVanity WebsiteMini Vanity Website

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As the industry leader, Paragon Leaders represents the best in the business

What You Get

Endorsed Public Speaking Profile

So you have a website or social media account, right? But did you know that when it comes to finding great speakers event organizers look to high credibility third party sites to determine whether to select you for their event. That means having a featured profile here increases your speaker appeal for booking opportunities. The better the profile the better the quality and value of the engagements

Free standing vanity website

Your existing website and social media are great. Event bookers can be laser focused when it comes to booking their next keynote. A free standing speaker website draws in the right visitors ready to engage you as a  speaker

Inspiring Action & Social Change Coaching

Have you ever seen someone with a great message who seems robotic, stiff, or disconnected on camera or on stage. It happens to the best of them. Public speaking is still the #1 worst fear (yes even over death). That fear changes us and how we communicate when the cameras turn on or we hit the big stage in front of hundreds or thousands. Beyond that there are keys to stage presence and message delivery you should know before you go. This way you can have a greater impact and inspire action in your audience.

Creating Demand: How to turn one speaking engagement into many

Yes, that one speaking engagement is great. But let us coach you on the techniques to have one engagement spark interest in you speaking  to future audiences.

Media Kit Contains

Event organizers know what to look for when it comes to guest speakers. This is where you get a media kit that exceeds their expectations. See below for the media kit components
  • Introduction letter
  • One-sheet
  • Articles
  • Fee schedule
  • List of media appearances
  • List of past engagements
  • List with descriptions of speaking topics
  • Professional action shots
  • Professional headshots
  • Scope of Services (seminars, webinars, workshops, coaching, training)
  • Talking points (for interviewers)

Commercially Produced Promo Video

Event organizers look for certain attributes in promo videos. This is a commercially produced video designed to grab the attention of event organizers and audiences.

Speaker fee negotiation

Scenario 1: Phone rings. You answer. Event organizer sets the tone and price for what they want to pay based on knowing the buck stops with you.

Scenario 2: Event coordinator contacts Paragon Leaders. We tell them your fees. They raise their standards based on having a high credibility intermediary set or negotiate price on your behalf. This is the best case scenario

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