Catherine Packer-Williams

Catherine Packer-Williams

Psychologist, healer, community elder, speaker

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Dr. Catherine Packer-Williams is a veteran elementary and post-secondary school administrator who advocates for children within the education system and as a counseling psychologist.

As a parent of a special needs child, she saw how school systems often railroad parents without the means, information, and resources to advocate for children. After advocating for her son she made it her personal and professional mission to help children and their parents.

As a counseling psychologist, educator, and consultant, Dr. Catherine Packer-Williams provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address their challenges. She offers results-oriented professional development and training for K-12 and post-secondary educators, administrators, and students, church, community, and non-profit organizations and businesses. She also provides consultation and accountability coaching to help individuals maximize their full personal and professional potential.

Dr. Packer-Williams is known for her solution-focused approach, improving client conceptualization of concerns, and integrating empirical theoretical practices with advisement, encouragement, and understanding. She is passionate about working with clients to capitalize on their strengths as well as create, attain, and implement relevant, achievable goals.

Famous For

Famous for:
Co-Founder of the Frenemy Project and research on relational aggression among women

Award winning Certified K-8 educator, and Nationally Certified Professional School Counselor, and college professor

Has contributed to the growing body of literature that better illuminates the experiences of African American women in the academy particularly in regards to mentoring, professional identity, and psychological well-being