Ama Kambon

Ama Kambon

Entrepreneur, Chef, Speaker, Vegan health advocate, TV Personality

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At age three, Kid Chef Ama Kambon began cooking with her mom and loved it so much she decided to launch a cooking show to help people eat healthy. By five years old she wrote, filmed, and starred in her own cooking show for kids. She then launched a website to sell it on that also featured blog posts she wrote in Twi, Yoruba, English, and Medu Neter.

The child-friendly food preparation videos on her website was her first entrepreneurial endeavor. It won her the love and support of adults and children all over the world and she has still been blogging, cooking, and in the public eye ever since.

Raised in Ghana, West Africa chef Ama is a public speaker who interviews on shows like Good Morning Ghana demonstrating healthy Ghanaian and international dishes.

She has also done radio and live interviews around the world and local talks about healthy living to adult audiences. Now, though she’s only a junior high schooler, (JHS student), she is now set to inspire people in bigger ways.

Now, eleven years later, Ama has held paid jobs and internships at two restaurants in Accra as a sous chef. Subsequently, she co-founded her own food and catering service with her aunt, and she continues to thrive as a leading youthpreneur in nutritional health for children and adults. Though cooking is her passion, notably, in her free time she is an avid reader and writer. She reads as many as 110 books a month and she’s also an award-winning author and amateur animator.

On the new Nkwa Dua show, chef Ama and her guests will find cool new ways to make some of their favorite local and international foods with an AMAzing flair to the delicious dishes.

Famous For

  • Radio Show Co-host
  • Black Sustainability Summit Presenter
  • Black economic empowerment advocate
  • Let’s Buy Black 365 spokesperson
  • Connect TV personality/host
  • State of the Black World Conference 2016 Economics Plenary Organizer
  • Lifelong vegetarian and vegan health advocate


Often associated with

  • Kobi Kambon (no relation), Maggie Anderson, Dr. Claud Anderson

Original Quotes

  • Black self-empowerment mantra: I am the solution. I am the resource my people needs. I am the Let’s Buy Black 365 movement.
  • If you wait until you need something, want something, or have something you want someone to buy from you to start building relationships and showing up in people’s lives, you’ll always wonder why people are not showing up for you.
  • Intuition and self-determination are the best weapons against people who plow over your needs for their own agenda. It’s not rude to stand up for yourself, voice your needs, and shut shit down if your needs are being ignored. To do any less is self-destructive. 
  • At the heart of every issue in the Black community, there is an economic undercurrent.
  • Buying Black isn’t where it ends. Buying Black is where it starts. 
  • Not wanting to start over is a mentally and spiritually unhealthy reason to stay in a relationship.  

  • Not all offers to contribute should be weighted the same. Some people offer to help out of a genuine desire and rationale “I want to be a part of creating the solution”

    Some people offer to help out of a rationale “I want to integrate myself so much that you need me, I can take credit, and you WILL feel the pain if I’m gone.”

    Learn to spot the difference between the intentions.